Claudia Campone

Founder & Director

She graduated with honors at Rome-Sapienza University with a Master in Design, Art and Visual Communication. She spent one year in France at EDNA Ecole and then worked in Shanghai in 2007 as Interior Designer.
In 2008 she joined LVMH group (Fendi) as Designer and Project Manager: over 8 years, she delivered many projects worldwide. Her projects have been on display at Milan Fuorisalone every year since 2016 and published in the main Design magazines. Since 2015 she has lectured at CREA Ecole in Geneva, RUFA Roman University of Fine Arts, Iowa State University in Rome as well as Istituto Marangoni in London where she teaches Interior Design and Visual Comunication since 2018.

When she was 3 years old Claudia received her first box of colouring pens and hasn’t stopped sketching since.
Her drawings and illustrations have been used in editorial projects, wallpapers and textile.
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How we work

Our work is about an everyday practice of overcoming problems by finding solutions, asking more questions without settling for the first answer, anticipating the unexpected and looking for the best result, always.Our approach is double: we are designers and managers and we deal with pure creativity whilst keeping an eye on market and feasibility constraints. Our services:

  • Concept Design
  • Construction Design
  • Time and Cost Management
  • Experience Design

Our clients and partners


Federica Picchioni


Federica studied Architecture to prove a declared superiority over engineers and survived her own thesis on sustainable Architecture. She joined Thirtyone in 2015 as a talented designer, spending most of her day renovating apartments nicer than hers and refurbishing fancy shops around the world.

Giulia Masi


Giulia decided to become a designer in 2015, after realizing she was actually pretty good at building houses in The Sims. In 2018 she decided to join Thirtyone because they lacked a hawkeye and luckily she surely has one. Passionate about spell check, she loves to make sure everything is double checked.

Giorgia Sanelli


Giorgia hopes to spend the rest of her life renovating houses and shops. She therefore joined Thirtyone in 2019 just to get the honor of always doing the dirty work: when not working magic with Photoshop she can usually be found doodling something on her notebook or drinking her fifth cup of coffee.

Pamela Mazzeo

Office Manager

As a little girl Pamela was the weird one who loved math and science classes at school. She joined Thirtyone in 2015 and since then she fights stress using chromotherapy. One day she would love to be a bodybuilder while baking her favourite organic cakes at night.

Have also worked with us

Alberto Sabellico, Diego Sacconi Rossi, Simone Bennati, Iris Pedro Tatay, Giulia Facioni, Federica Batta, Eleonora Milani, Alma Betarice Rotaru, Valerio Montagnolo, Maria Francisco.


2020 BIGsee Interior Design Award

2018 Honorable mention International Design award

2019 Home Builder Award


Thirtyone is growing and searching for new talent to join the company in this exciting context. We are looking forward to connecting with Project Developers and Project Managers. Do not hesitate to send us your CV and portfolio at