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We have been approached by the client and Habarchitettura to work together in the renovation of this space. When we walked through it we felt overwhelmed by the monumental proportions of the roof and the central srtuctural element. Its presence was massive and powerful. And we wanted to extrapolate the positive aspects of this power. At a time when nature and botany are being rediscovered and are found in every interiors project moodboard, we decided to “vegetalise” this element. In fact it appeared as the promise of a tree: the trunk, the branches and the suggestion of surfaces recalling foliage were already there. It was just a question of making them emerge. The challenge was two-fold: to convince a conservative client to dare such creative folly, and to engineer such a mammoth piece. The tree’s presence is a total chromatic break with the staff restaurant designed by Habarchitettura, but it is also its sublimation, insinuating itself above the 1000 sqm of space. An abstract tree, therefore, with geometrical forms and broken lines: deliberately far from the vegetal curves and organic lines of nature. Its acid yellow colour further removes any risk of appearing like a pale imitation of nature. Its dignity lies in its conscious difference, an abstract tree, openly such.