THiRTYONE Design + Management is a creative studio in Rome that was founded in 2015 by Claudia Campone.

The name of the studio describes in an ironic manner an insight based on the continuous research and innovation: thirty can always be turned to thirty, there is surely possible to find a subsequent solution to combine necessity and creativity.

The founder Claudia Campone, after the studies in La Sapienza University in Rome and in Ecole de Design in Nantes, gave a start to her career with some international experiences between France and China, and in the world of retail design, developing a deep and structured  sensitivity for the project. Those projects that were established abroad left a significant mark on the general vision of the studio, that always offers innovative methodologies and solutions.

This is the basement which launches the propulsive thrust of THiRTYONE Design + Management: a team of people with diverse skills, who work in sinergy, giving rise to a collective and participatory imagination.

The identity of the studio unfolds through its key principles that are placed as the fulcrum of design. Fo instance, the concept of sustainability is observed in its circularity: how to reduce the environmental impact and the anchored research of the territory, as an invitation to the reuse, remodel, rethink something that is present to it to the new needs in order to up-cycle.

Photo Credit: Serena Eller Vainicher

One attentive look is addressed to the concept of luxury that our studio interprets in all those projects designed to offer experiences to its users, where places and items are designed in a perspective of experience design and customization. From the steps of studies to design and the choice of materials, everything  circulates with a sense of exclusivity and attention to the details.

Irony is one of the cornerstones around which the process of project development  revolves in studio: : the ability to imagine something that is not yet functional practical and playful at the same time, through the surprising mix of light forms and intense and vibrant colors.

At the heart of everything lies the vocation of the study to versatility and flexibility expressed through projects taylor-made, sewn on the needs of the clients and able to progress in the measure and form of their wishes. Precise demands, always new and different, provide creativity with surprising modes of expression.

The approach to every study challenge is based on a right position of views and skills. Design engineering is a progressive construction of the work from the precise and rational development that allows to respond promptly to requests and ensure execution speed. Not less importanti s to include project management, which implies a circular management of the project, from the initial stages to the conclusion, in terms of time, feasibility, costs and supervision of each implementation phase.

All this is accompanied by a virtuous conception of time and permanence: on the one hand as a resource to be optimized, on the other as a valuable tool, as an opportunity for the abstract form of ideas to be able to translate into a lasting footprint in the world.

Claudia Campone

Founder & Director

She graduated with honors at Rome-Sapienza University with a Master in Design, Art and Visual Communication. She spent one year in France at EDNA Ecole and then worked in Shanghai in 2007 as Interior Designer.
In 2008 she joined LVMH group (Fendi) as Designer and Project Manager: over 8 years, she delivered many projects worldwide. Her projects have been on display at Milan Fuorisalone every year since 2016 and published in the main Design magazines. Since 2015 she has lectured at CREA Ecole in Geneva, RUFA Roman University of Fine Arts, Iowa State University in Rome as well as Istituto Marangoni in London where she teaches Interior Design and Visual Comunication since 2018.

When she was 3 years old Claudia received her first box of colouring pens and hasn’t stopped sketching since.
Her drawings and illustrations have been used in editorial projects, wallpapers and textile.
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2020 BIGsee Interior Design Award

2019 Home Builder Award

2018 Honorable mention International Design award


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