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Let’s pretend a giant was passing by. Let’s pretend he was curious about the shape of this building. Let’s pretend, finally, to be at Christmas time gift rush. This was our reaction when the client invited us to imagine a decorative installation for this area: Lafuente towers in Rome, Parco dei Medici district, a strategic landmark visible on the way to and from the main airport. For sure we wanted our installation to be visible not only by the people living the building, but mainly from those commuting along the highway. We then explored the feasibility options we had to create such installation and set up a great team with inflatable company (Fly in) and our conitnuous partners and friends (Tecnostyle). The inflatable bow has been engineered to hold the strong winds and any extreme weather conditions. The ground installation featuring a big scissor and the bow bobbin has been moulded in a macro scale in fiberglass.